Our Story; Infertility. Miscarriage. Birth.

                          Dion and I assumed we’d be like any other couple when it came to starting a family. I

had the ideal future family image for us in my head. But we quickly realized our

story would not be simple. After a year of trying to become pregnant, we sought out

medical intervention. The first doctor we saw told us to give up trying and go straight to adoption. I was 23 when that doctor faced the both of us and shattered our hopes of someday being parents. After that encounter, we decided to take a year off from moving forward with fertility treatment, as I was still finishing my degree. The following year we met with a doctor in Cincinnati who had a very different outlook and offered a different approach than the previous doctor. We went through 3 intrauterine insemination (IUI) procedures, but they all failed. We waited again. The very next year we went all in and decided to do IVF. I became pregnant with our first baby after our first frozen transfer. We were over the moon! Sadly, I miscarried at 6 weeks. We waited a few months before attempting another frozen transfer. Our second transfer was successful, as I become pregnant with our twins, Elijah Lee and Amiah Mae.


My entire pregnancy was very uneventful and pretty normal. Actually, our twins were developing to be larger than most multiples in utero. At 29 weeks pregnant, I thought my water broke.

We went to Labor & Delivery and then received confirmation that it had. I was not

afraid—I had known several people to birth their twins that early...and their babies

were okay! However, what Dion, myself, or any of the doctors had not known was that

at some point Amiah’s heart had stopped beating. Originally the doctors thought they

had both of the twins’ heart beats on the monitors...and for 3 hours into my hospital

admission, we all believed both babies were fine. However, after moving around a bit

and having needed to readjust the monitors, one of the heart beats couldn’t be found.

The doctor then wanted to do an ultrasound,which is how we discovered that our sweet

Amiah, twin A, had passed away. I remained in the hospital, still pregnant, until I was 34 weeks. I was then induced, and on July 18th, 2016, we welcomed a loud, screaming baby boy...and a silent, still baby girl. It was the definition of a horribly, beautiful, bittersweet day.